Welcome to Tölt Equestrian Wear’s Online Shop

Thank you for stopping by our online store.  The current demand is exceeding our supply of pants.  We are currently processing orders taken via the Contact Us button (or email) first, and stocking the store second.  Please, if you do not see your size or color combination available, contact us to request your size be put into stock.  Our current turn around time is a week or less.  Thank you for your understanding and patience.  We truly appreciate your business!


Our Summer cargo pants are our most popular item.  Comfortable, cool and stylish, you can forget about annoying clothing and focus on your ride.


Mid-Season cargo pants are perfect for Fall and for areas that don’t get into arctic temperatures.  They are easy to layer, and still cool enough to wear in the house and not sweat.  My personal favorite!

Winter Weight

The original Winter cargo pants.  Warm, durable and hard to get!  Limited availability.

Our pants are tested (and loved!) all over the United States.  We have sampled all climates from the frozen areas of Northern Michigan to the hot and humid areas of Florida and Arizona.