About Us

These were the models for end of summer photo shoot. Great bunch of riders!

A little history about us today.

When my eldest son (then 8 years old) asked me if he could learn to ride, my joyous return to the equine world began. But what was my “maturing” seat going to wear?

Enter Fuzzy Logic Equine. Dawn worked with me to make riding pants that fit my curvy, long legged form while keeping me warm in the severe Michigan winters. Of course, I had to add warm weather pants to my collection when horsey camping began.

Fuzzy Logic was renamed to Tölt Equestrian Wear when Amy took over around 2012. Under her watch, refinements were made to accommodate larger cell phones and to eliminate bulk around the waistband.

We were excited to take the reins when Amy decided to sell. We wanted to make sure that you could still get your hands on a pair of these great pants. Summer weight boot-cut cargo pants are the initial roll-out with the winter weight version coming Fall, 2019. We’re working on full seats for all weights and will add that option once they are ready for production. We’re also looking to bring back the tights for 2020.

We offer these pants with custom pant lengths, up to 34 inches, free of charge. An option for belt loops to be added to accommodate your specified belt width is also available.